Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Beata Kosová: The Present-day University Education – Changes and Challenges

The process of approximation that is ongoing in varied types of higher education results in degradation of the university learning. In the past, the university well represented its Latin name, universitas, which means the entirety united by singularity; it signified the entirety of knowing. Due to the Bologna Process, the current notion of the university trend promotes quick and narrowly-aimed training for economic practice and the labour market. However, it neglects the cultivation of free and autonomous thinking, human individuality and free science. This process affects also universities in Slovakia, which were established as predominantly regional educational institutions which gradually developed to be full-universities. However, due to the Bologna Process, the traditional principles of universities now fade. Universitas scientiarum signifies entirety of science, universitas universum means relationship to the whole, universitas scholarum et doctorum is a unity of the learners and the teachers, universitas litterarum means unity of educated and moral scholarship and integrity of an individual. In order to keep to these principles, universities should pursue philosophical and scientific reflection of themselves. Being autonomous learning organisations, they should organize pro-university and further education of its employees.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2010, Vol. 1, (No. 4: 263-272)

Key words: the idea of the university, university education, entirety of science, universitas as a principle of entirety, traditional principles of universities, philosophy of education