Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Hájková, Vanda, Květoňová, Lea, Němec, Zbyněk, Strnadová, Iva: Teacher assistant from the perspective of adult education

Abstract:The authors present the current requirements for professional competences of teacher assistants in the educational, (psycho) didactic, social and communication, managerial, normative and professionally-cultivating areas, which place higher demands on teacher assistants’ training at faculties of education, as well as in the system of lifelong learning. The article documents the findings from interviews with 59 Czech teacher assistants. The authors used the grounded theory approach to analyse the data. The findings reveal the key professional competences as perceived by teacher assistants.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2019, Vol. 10 (No 4: 295 – 305)

Key words: professional competences; teacher assistants; qualification prerequisites; pre-service and in-service education; professional standards for teacher assistants.

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