Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Lizáková, Ľubomíra, Novotná, Zuzana, Novotný, Roman: Educational Environment and Climate for Student Education in Non-Medical Study Programs – Pilot Project

Abstract: The educational environment of the institution is an important determinant in teaching and learning. The acquired knowledge and skills of students of non-medical study programs acquired by institutional education are a prerequisite for a smooth transition to clinical workplaces and effective collaboration with health professionals. The objective of the paper is to map how the institutionalized educational environment is evaluated by students of non-medical study programs. The research sample consisted of 110 respondents from University of Presov in Presov, Faculty of Health Care, Department of Nursing and Department of Midwifery. The average age of respondents was 21.57 years (SD 2.20). Data collection was done through the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM) standardized questionnaire. Respondents rated their education at 100 -150 points, which is more positive than negative evaluation.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2019, Vol. 10 (No 4: 306 – 319)

Key words: DREEM. Non-medical study programs. Educational environment. Educational climate. Student education.

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