Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Rodríguez, Déborah Martín – Campión, Raúl Santiago: Evaluation of a Study on Flipped Learning and the Use of Digital Tools in Higher Education: Teacher Training


Abstract: This paper discusses a university-level study on training secondary school teachers in innovative teaching practices based on the Flipped Learning pedagogical model. The study was conducted on the subject entitled Learning and Personality development, which is part of the Master in Secondary and Baccalaureate Teacher Training, in a Blended Learning context and, specifically, based on the Flipped Learning, Just in time teaching and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models. This paper describes the competencies to be developed, the instructional design, the ICT and LKT tools (Information and Communication Technologies and Learning and Knowledge Technologies) used during the learning process and selected according to the educational purpose of the subject and the evaluation system considered. We provide a descriptive analysis of the learning results in addition to the quantitative and qualitative evaluation made by the students of this learning experience. The conclusions drawn from the study serve to highlight the similarities in the findings and observations of other similar studies.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2017, Vol. 8 (No 2: 66-91)

Key words: Learning and knowledge technologies, Teacher Training, Flipped Learning, Active Learning, Motivated Learning.

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