Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Jiří Mareš: Quality of Life of Pupils and the School

The paper is a literature review which summarizes the body of research conducted on relationship between the overall quality of life of pupils and their lives in the school. The paper describes the genesis of the concept of quality of life and its spread in many scientific domains. Due to diversity of these domains, difficulties exist in adopting a unified definition of the concept. Two orientations prevail in empirical research of quality of life: investigation of well-being, and investigation of satisfaction and happiness. The paper condenses the research on quality of school life of chronically ill pupils as well as the research on pupils´ school satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Another section of the paper identifies the relationship between the quality of life of pupils and the school prosocial climate. The final section depicts the methodological problems that make the research of quality of school life difficult.

PEDAGOGIKA SK 2010, Vol. 1, (No. 1: 47-72)

Key words: quality of life, perceived quality of life, quality of school life, students, school, subjective well-being, satisfaction, assessment, research, review