Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Stanislav Bendl, Hana Voňková: Relationship Between Teacher (Non)Manipulative and Victimizing Behaviours and some Teacher Characteristics

The article deals with manipulation in Czech schools. It is an output of international project „Teacher in post-socialistic countries as a manipulator and a victim in the context of education policy and pedagogical activity“. Manipulation is here defined as a special type of influence exerted intentionally on a person, which is motivated by goals of the manipulator and which objectifies the person being under the influence of the manipulator. The core of the article is the analysis of the relationship between some characteristics of primary and secondary school teachers (gender, years of practice, type of school …) and their (non)manipulative behaviour. A set of school-related statements and hypothetical situations were presented to teachers. The degree of (dis)agreement with the statements and the solutions of the hypothetical situations show different approaches of teachers to education and their different behaviour to pupils, colleagues and headmasters. The ordered probit model was used to analyze the relationship between (non)manipulative and victimizing behaviour of respondents and their personal characteristics.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2010, Vol. 1. (No. 4: 294-318)

Key words: education, manipulation, objectification, intentionality, victimization, gender, years of practice, type of (optional) education, type of school, ordered probit model, marginal effect of variables