Slovak Journal for Educational Sciences / Slovenský časopis pre pedagogické vedy

Balvín, Jaroslav, Farkašová, Monika: Social educators and their life stories as motivation to realize their own pedagogical professional career


Abstract: The contribution is based on a critical view of verbal approaches to the theoretical interpretations of social pedagogy and andragogy at universities, which often do not take into account the „human face“ of a particular pedagogical personality with which students are often only formally acquainted. In the essay, we try to emphasize the need to penetrate deeper into the actual life „struggle“ of pedagogical personalities and to show the methodical possibilities that we try to apply in this respect when teaching students of social pedagogy and andragogy at the Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of the Faculty of Humanities of Tomas Bata University. To this not only serves the literature and the experience of the long-term realization of the given approach, but also the research of the students‘ views on two important Czech teachers and their professional, philosophical-educative and human profile, which in good supervision can become an important source of motivation of students for their professional activity in today’s conditions.

PEDAGOGIKA.SK, 2018, Vol. 9 (No 4: 206-227)

Key words: Social pedagogy, life stories of social educators, motivation of social pedagogy a andragogy students.

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